SUPERform is forming a greener future with its Insulated Concrete Forming (ICF) Block System. 


Take comfort in reducing heat loss during the winter and keep your home cooler in the summer.  Constructing your foundation and walls with the unique ICF Block System will also provide significant noise reduction, fire resistance, and exceptional strength and security.  SUPERform ensures ease of construction, thereby saving time and money.  This system replaces the conventionally-poured concrete foundation walls with rigid EPS forms for the retention of concrete and proper placement of Rebar.  Concrete cured inside an ICF gains more strength than that poured into wood forms.  The SUPERform wall system accomplishes forming, framing, and insulating in one step, providing a finished wall far superior to any other framing method.

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Every construction project needs someone who will take responsibility for all aspects of the job, no matter how big or small. A significant commercial project will need the services of a general contractor just as the family buying or renovating a home may need a general contractor to take care of every detail.

A general contractor is an expert in his field.  He is intimately familiar with all the projects his subcontractors will be completing as well, meaning he has to understand plumbing, electric, cabinetry, flooring, roofing, foundations, landscaping, and framing, and be up to date with all code regulations. If you are a homeowner considering a sizable remodeling project or a brand new custom home, consider Avalanche Contracting to manage the entire process.


If it's a large commercial, industrial, or agricultural project you need constructed, Avalanche Contracting is your General Contractor. We have the manpower, the tools and equipment, the know-how, the financial resources, and the desire. Give us a call to discuss how Avalanche Contracting can get to work on your building project.

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